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Group Discussion Tips

Stay CalmIt is seen that many group discussions degenerate into a fish market. This is because the participants lose their sense of calm. They panic either due to the topic under discussion or due to other participants. Regardless of what the situation may be, it is important for you to maintain your composure. Stay calm in the face of adversity is the main quality of a leader.

Meaningful ContributionSome participants enter a group discussion with the impression that the more they talk, the greater is the chance of being selected. This cannot be further from the truth. How long you talk is irrelevant, what you talk is important. Repeating the same points over and over again shows the lack of content in the candidate.

Reaching ConsensusDecisions in real life business situations are normally taken by a team. It is a case of give and take. Flexibility in your thought process is crucial. Being adamant on a point just because you do not want to be seen as backing down reflects very poorly on the individual.

Understanding the other person's point of view is very important. If you feel strongly about what you believe in, push forth your point but in the form of clear reasons. Repeating the same point serves no purpose. It is well known that in a group discussion, reaching a consensus is extremely difficult. The fact that the group reached or did not reach a consensus is not relevant to your being selected. What is of relevance is what you did in order to try and reach a consensus.

Be seenRegardless of how many points you may have, unless you ensure that the group and the evaluators hear them out, they remain just what they are - ideas. To make them count you have to ensure that you are heard. Rarely will anyone gift you with an opportunity to speak. You will have to create that opportunity. And once you get that opportunity, make it count.

ListenSome candidates have so many points to put across that they find the time limit too short. So they end up occupying a lot of airtime. This shows favourably in terms of knowledge but is a poor commentary on team skills. In most business situations, decisions are seldom taken independently. You have to let others express their point of view.

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